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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

WHO is Debt Recovery Indonesia?

Debt Recovery Indonesia is a service provided by our law office to help companies collecting and recovering debts effectively without jeopardizing their relationships with customers with the most professional, practical, and legal approach

WHY do we need debt collection services from Debt Recovery Indonesia?

Debt collection is not that simple or easy to do, especially in Indonesia. Aside from the varying characteristics and behaviors of each customer, the chosen method used for debt collection can often prove ineffective or take a very long time to yield the desired result – or any result at all. In the process, a lot of companies inevitably fork up more money than they realize and end up in a further financial loss without recovering any debt.

HOW MUCH of the debt amount can be collected?

We do not set a limit of how much debt we can collect. We will gladly help the company to collect and recover various debt amounts, from millions to billions !

HOW LONG is the debt recovery process?

The duration it takes to collect and recover the debts is highly dependent on the complexity of each case at hand. However, normally it will require around 1 week – 3 months for us to collect the debts.

DOES Debt Recovery Indonesia take money directly from the company’s customer?

No. We highly value and appreciate the importance of the company’s trust. Therefore, every payment made by the customer will be done directly to the company’s account. We will not take any form of money directly from the customer, unless other arrangements with the company have been made.

HOW MUCH is the service fee paid to Debt Recovery Indonesia ?

The service fee is only in the form of success fee if the debts are successfully collected to the company. There will be no service or success fee whatsoever if we fail in collecting the debts.


The success rate is highly dependent on the age of the debts. The younger the age of the debts, the smaller will be the successful fee that the company needs to incur. Our successful fee starts from as little as 5% (FIVE PERCENT) of the debt amount paid by the customer to the company.

Is SUCCESS guaranteed by Debt Recovery Indonesia in collecting debts?

No. However, we can guarantee that we will do our best and utmost efforts in collecting and recovering debts, without any added financial loss risk to the company.

WHAT needs to be prepared for the debt collection process?

The most important thing that the company needs to prepare, is all the necessary documents related to the debts, which may include contracts, purchase orders (PO), invoices, delivery notes, signed receipts, proof of delivery and details of liability. However, we can still discuss with the company to find the best solutions even with limited documents available.

Is COMPANY REPUTATION at risk by engaging third parties for debt collection? 

We truly understand the value of good business relations and we uphold the company’s reputation. Therefore we guarantee that all of our debt collection efforts are done in elegant and respectful ways that still abide with the prevailing laws at hand, to maintain the company’s reputation and relationships with the customers.



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